Why Casino Card Tables Are Green

July 12, 2020 By MAX

Casinos are an integral part of modern culture because every little detail is thought of. One of these details is the color of the card tables. We tell you here why the roulette online casino card tables are green.

From the moment you enter a casino, you enter a world where every element of the environment you enter is designed and organized to give it the best chance of winning as much money as possible. This does not mean that the players are manipulated, but it does mean that in a casino, everything is done and arranged for a reason.

Just look at the layout of the casino and play online roulette Malaysia  the design of the room, the absence of windows and natural light, the absence of clocks, sound effects, and colors, as well as subtle factors such as free drinks and the different complementary offers that go with it.

Green is THE color!

One of the most discreet aspects of a casino that is taken into consideration is the color of the card game tables. You will tell us, and the pool tables are also green. It has always been like this, and it is not likely to change anytime soon.

But if only this arrangement had been made “innocently.” However, the reality is much more intentional. The reasoning behind the decision to have casino card tables in green has everything to do with color psychology. The color green is often seen as one that evokes feelings of calm and relaxation. It’s psychological

Green is a color that represents stability. It offers a balance between warm colors like yellow, orange, red, and the cool colors of blue and purple. The theory is that it makes players more willing and comfortable in the casino, which can be thought of as a rather intimidating atmosphere in a confined space where the money is played alongside perfect strangers.

There is also the argument that green is a pretty positive color. It is associated with the action of “go.” Traffic lights use the color green to indicate to cars that they can go. It’s a call to action, and it’s the same with the casino. That is to say to the players that it is good to be at this table, and it is normal to go with their instinct or their careful decisions at the table.

There are a number of theories explaining why casino card tables are green, but as casinos modernize and evolve, it is increasingly apparent that colors like blue and red are used.

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