Five Things Casinos Are Hiding From You

June 29, 2020 By MAX

Casinos will always seek to prioritize players and provide them with an experience they will never forget, but in an effort to earn the most profit and succeed as a business, there are things they just don’t want players to find out. Here is a list of the best-kept secrets in the casino industry 996mmc.

Some games earn you less than others.

It’s no secret that every part of the casino has a slight edge over the house. What is not necessarily known to players is that some games give slightly more advantages to the house than others.

These games are often called “carnival games” because winning one of these games is almost as difficult as winning the jackpot in a carnival game.

Some table games are examples of these carnival games. Unless you are feeling very lucky, it is best to avoid this.

You are watched … everywhere …

The largest casinos have more than 20,000 cameras that monitor every square inch of the casino and other places on the premises.

These cameras transmit live images to a security team that can keep an eye on your every move. The upside is that it means your safety is treated as a top priority. The downside is that you are being watched.

So you better think twice when you put your fingers in your nose! Haha

If you cheat … they will find you … and they will catch you.

So, are you naive enough to think that you can enter a casino, cheat at the tables, and manage to get out of it as if nothing had happened?

Well, know that if you cheat, you will be discovered. The level of security inside casinos is so intense that it is almost impossible to cheat and get away with it.

Casino croupiers want you to bet.

One form of courtesy common at casino tables is to tip the dealer every time you experience a big win. It is a little known fact that most dealers prefer that you take this tip and bet. Why?

Simply because there is a chance for the dealer to make a bigger tip.

For a dealer, getting a tip of $ 1 might not make much difference, but doubling or even tripling these fees can start to make a difference overnight.

Croupiers are not always honest.

It is true that croupiers do not have to take an oath to donate blood and be devoted to the casino that employs them. And it’s no surprise that casinos don’t want you to know that from time to time, you’re in the company of a dealer who steals the tables.

One of the most common forms of casino theft is simply taking a chip and putting it in your pocket every now and then.

Now that you know a little more about what casinos don’t tell you, you might see them differently. Sino, playing online casino is also a good alternative with which you will not be disappointed.

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